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James Pitts Band's "Come to Play The Blues": A Hidden Gem from New Hampshire

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

James Pitts Band - Come to Play the Blues


8 Tracks – 31 minutes

In the heart of Allenstown, NH, a blues revelation quietly emerged in 2019 – James Pitts Band's debut album, "Come to Play The Blues." While it might have slipped under the radar for many, this eight-track, 31-minute gem is a testament to the raw, unfiltered power of blues, skillfully delivered by James Pitts and his talented band. Come to Play The Blues features all origial music written by Pitts.

The lineup features James Pitts leading on guitar and vocals, accompanied by Mike Berkowitz on bass guitar, Rick King on drums, Jay Frigoletto on keys and backing vocals, and Diane Pettipas adding her touch to the backing vocals. Recorded live at Oak Hill Music in Brookline, NH, the album captures the authenticity and spontaneity of a live performance, with every track being a one-take wonder. This album was also mixed and mastered by Grammy winning engineer Jay Frigoletto.

"I've Got Trouble" kicks off the album, immediately showcasing Pitts' guitar prowess with a touch of Stevie Ray Vaughan influence. The song narrates the struggle of trying to rise while surrounded by influences that pull you down, a theme that resonates through the blues tradition.

"Love Me" is a lively shuffle, propelled by Jay Frigoletto's piano fills. The infectious groove invites the listener to bounce along, making it a standout track that effortlessly combines rock and blues elements.

The title track, "Come to Play The Blues," pays homage to the life of a blues musician, stepping onto the stage to deliver the soulful melodies. With a rhythmic nod to Muddy Waters' "Hoochie Coochie Man," Pitts and the band capture the essence of the blues experience.

"We're Gonna Boogie" brings an upbeat boogie-woogie vibe, designed to get the audience on their feet and dancing. The track exudes a contagious energy, making it a lively addition to the album.

"Let's Talk" slows the tempo, delving into a poignant narrative about a father's desire to communicate with his ex, reflecting on his children and post-breakup struggles. Pitts' guitar work soars over the rhythm section, creating a moving musical landscape.

"Wanna Take You Out" channels the spirit of B.B. King, delivering a charming ode to courtship. The breaks and nuances in the song pay homage to the blues tradition while adding a modern touch.

"Hey Baby" introduces a funky element to the album, pondering the return of a loved one. The fusion of funk and blues showcases the band's versatility.

"Misery" concludes the album with a blues-rock exploration of mental anguish and its impact on relationships. Pitts and Jay Frigoletto on keys deliver soulful solos, adding depth to this poignant track.

"Come to Play The Blues" is more than an album; it's a collection of real-life narratives set to a backdrop of authentic blues grooves. Pitts' guitar work, deeply rooted in tradition yet exhibiting a modern flair, is a standout feature. This debut album is a testament to the band's skill and promises a bright future for James Pitts and his ensemble. Keep an ear out for what they bring to the blues landscape next.

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