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The Night Blues Virtuoso James Pitts Ignited Hutchinson: A Night to Remember

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

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James Pitts Band Live at Salt City Brewing Company Facebook I can't get this show out of my head after nearly a year. The Date Was: June 26, 2022

In the intimate setting of Salt City Brewing Company in Hutchinson, Kansas, a blues maestro emerged from the shadows, stealing the spotlight and captivating the audience. James Pitts, the lesser-known opener for Chris Duarte, not only held his own but left an indelible mark on the night's musical narrative.

Pitts kicked off the evening with a laid-back rendition of "Cissy Strut," setting the tone for an extraordinary performance that would unfold. Displaying his versatility, he seamlessly transitioned into a psychedelic exploration, creating an otherworldly soundscape with swirling delays and captivating guitar techniques.

The momentum only intensified with the infectious rhythm of "Tee Na Nee Na Nu" by Slim Harpo, where Pitts' guitar work echoed the spirit of SRV, compelling the crowd to their feet. A growling rendition of Doyle Bramhall Sr's "Maudie" showcased Pitts' vocal prowess, demonstrating ease and raw emotion.

"Shaky Ground," a Delbert McClinton tune, became a canvas for artistic expression. Drummer Ruben Garza's unleashed madness in a calculated drum break, seamlessly transitioning into an exhilarating outro solo that showcased Pitts' mastery, soaring above the solid groove laid down by the rhythm section.

Pitts unveiled his original composition, "Come To Play The Blues," a standout moment where his guitar skills reached new heights. Bending strings with fearless precision, Pitts created an auditory masterpiece that left the audience in awe.

The funky groove of "Sounds of Home" kept the energy alive, with cheers and whistles punctuating every lead break. "Fishnet," dedicated to the ladies, had them gliding across the floor, a testament to Pitts' ability to connect through his music.

The climax arrived with a rendition of BB King's classic, "The Thrill Is Gone." Pitts, in a slow blues inferno, showcased fiery guitar work that left the stage smoldering, a testament to his profound connection with the blues.

A medley of "All Along The Watchtower" paid homage to Hendrix, with Pitts infusing his unique flavor. The audience joined in a chorus of "Watchtower, Watchtower, Watchtower," a testament to the immersive experience Pitts delivered.

In an awe-inspiring segment, Pitts handed control to the audience during Smokin' Joe Kubeck's "Have Blues Will Travel." The crowd dictated the tempo with their cheers, reaching an astounding 400 beats per minute, a testament to the synergy between artist and audience.

The grand finale, "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)" by Jimi Hendrix, showcased Pitts as a monster on the guitar. Whammy bar theatrics, feedback mastery, and a dynamic performance left the audience screaming for an encore.

Despite the desire for more, Pitts had already left an indelible mark. He not only blew the roof off the venue but decimated the stage, leaving Chris Duarte to pick up the pieces. James Pitts, a blues revelation, proved that sometimes the opener steals the show, creating a night that will resonate in the memories of those fortunate enough to witness his extraordinary performance. James Pitts - Guitar & Vocals

Diane Pettipas - Keys

Troy Tolbert - Bass

Ruben Garza - Drums

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